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We came across a great TED Talk on Blue light. While so much of the information shared was correct, some is not. Protection from naturally occurring blue light during the day is also important to reduce glare and improve vision. While blocking blue light for 1-3 hours before the onset of the sleep cycle is important to sleep quality, blocking artificial blue light during the day will result in color distortion and block helpful blue light needed during the day. We invite everyone to understand the benefits of blue light filtration based on natures defenses to blue light and...

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In a very recent article published by Stephen Walter of "The Telegraph" (U.K.),  three times as many children under 14 years of age are admitted to Hospitals for sleeping disorders than ten years ago. In many cases, technology may be the cause. Artificial Blue light emissions from smartphones, tablet computers, and computer monitors are not only resulting in eye stress (commonly referred to as Digital Eye Strain) but more importantly this high energy visible light may be activating Melanopsin, which in turn suppresses Melatonin production. The consequences may not only be normal sleep cycle disruption, but it may manifest in dire...

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In the past five years, we have witnessed Blue Light evolving from a topic (i.e. something talked about) to an issue (a problem that needs solving).  There are growing amounts of information about Blue Light, but a surprising amount is incorrect. Some information is opinion presented as fact, while other information is outdated, and some information is promotional (may be based on selected facts, or presented in such a way to bias the reader for beneficial purposes).  Nathan Walz wrote one of the best recent articles about Blue Light. We were so impressed by the article that we contacted Nathan...

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Does the topic of “light” warrant a Blog? Surprisingly, light may be one of the more impactful issues affecting our health, both vision and physiological; so “light” warrants greater understanding.  We are of the opinion the best stories are true, that is, based on facts. One of the first facts we encountered was an issue the eyewear industry has overlooked or chose not to address; that Blue Light is more damaging than Ultra-Violet light. Approximately six years ago we went in search of a differentiator for our products, and to us, the most important feature of sunglasses should be lens...

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