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Welcome to the TrueBlue Blog

Does the topic of “light” warrant a Blog? Surprisingly, light may be one of the more impactful issues affecting our health, both vision and physiological; so “light” warrants greater understanding. 

We are of the opinion the best stories are true, that is, based on facts. One of the first facts we encountered was an issue the eyewear industry has overlooked or chose not to address; that Blue Light is more damaging than Ultra-Violet light. Approximately six years ago we went in search of a differentiator for our products, and to us, the most important feature of sunglasses should be lens performance. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are far more concerned about style and how they look in the glasses or which celebrity wears the glasses; sad but true. Regardless, we are driven by the performance of the lens to enhance and protect vision. The journey resulted in an education and discovery of the Blue Light Threat.  

This Blog will share our research, findings, facts and truth about Blue Light. We will explore the impact on the eye, vision, and physiological health. We’ll share the perspectives of some incredible people who are working in this area to benefit people. 

We aspire to be true in everything we do, thus the name of our product True Blue. If you use our products, that's fantastic because you are making an investment in your eyes, vision, and health. If you don’t use our products then at the very least, we hope you will learn the truth about Blue Light. 

Since our work involves both science and technology, it is constantly evolving. While we do not consider ourselves to be experts, we have sourced experts in science, medicine, and manufacturing to build a truly superior product, for you. We invite all perspectives, opinions, and especially new facts that benefit us all. Welcome to the TrueBlue Blog.


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