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Watch Video Interviews with Dr. Michael Tolentino discussing the issue of Blue Light.

Blue Light Danger

Dr.Tolentino discusses the threat that Blue Light poses. Discussion topics include blindness prevention, pioneering the next generation of treatment, external protection from Blue Light based on nature, and the importance to your health.

Effects of Blue Light

Dr. Tolentino discusses Blue Light effect on Eye Health and Physiology. Electronic imaging devices and energy efficient lighting require effective filtration to protect our eyes and vision.

Blue Light Affects Vision

Blue Light causes glare, veiled glare and motion blur. Dr. Tolentino explains the importance of eliminating scattered light for vision enhancement. This is the new standard in High Definition sun lenses.

Blue Light Explained

Today we are exposed to ever increasing levels of harmful Blue Light from both natural and artificial sources. This video summarizes the issue and impact of harmful Blue Light on our eyes, vision, and physiological performance.

Dr. Michael Tolentino Dr. Tolentino is arguably the world's foremost medical authority on Macular Degeneration

His medical education includes some of the most prestigious medical universities including Brown, Harvard, and the University of Massachusetts. He has developed the leading therapies for Macular Degeneration, and is considered a global expert, engaged as a Clinical Trial Advisor to several of the worlds leading Pharmaceutical firms. In additional to being a brilliant Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon, Dr. Tolentino is an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. For his full biography click here.