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The TrueBlue Solution

TrueBlue lenses contain patented technology, based on nature’s defenses, for the best defense for Blue Light. TrueBlue Lenses are colored because they contain Melanin which absorb Blue Light before it enters the eye. If you want truly effective filtration of Blue Light before it hits your eyes, you want the tinted lens made by TrueBlue. Just as you would not wear a clear lens in bright sunlight, you would not wear a clear lens in bright artificial light generated by electronic screens (computer, tablet, smartphones, TV’s) and energy efficient lighting. The unique filtration of natural and artificial Blue Light make these lenses the best choice in Blue Light protection.

TrueBlue Lens Solutions – Tailored to Solving Specific Needs Designed for Blue Light protection, this is a lens and not a coating.

Since TrueBlue technology selectively limits the amount of Blue Light that reaches the retina, they are a defense mechanism that aids in protecting the retina from degeneration.

Exclusive to TrueBlue, this technology in plano lenses offer indoor solutions for artificial Blue Light and outdoor solutions for natural Blue Light with the following benefits:

  • Ultimate Eye Protection
  • Improves Contrast
  • Maintains Color Balance
  • Reduces Both Glare and Veiled Glare
  • Improves Visual Acuity

Patents Based On Nature

Dr. James Gallas

CEO and founder of Photoprotective Technologies.

Dr. Gallas has produced the next generation of his foundational Melanin technology. This technology advances the light filtration properties and broadens protection beyond just Blue Light to selectively filter High Energy Visible Light (HEVL), so colors are seen in balance.

While his Melanin technology has been used by the world’s best optical and sunglass lens manufacturers, only TrueBlue features next generation technology for plano and plus powered “reader” vision lenses.

Artificial Blue Light – Damage Prevention

The TrueBlue lens helps in preventing eye damage, specifically to the front or lens of the eye, and the back or retina of the eye. The protective benefits are two-fold:

Photo-Stress Reduction

By reducing reflected light or glare, there is less stress as light passes through the lens of the eye. This reduces Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain associated with artificial Blue Light produced from: televisions, computer monitors, tablet computers, smartphones and high energy efficient lighting.

Retinal Protection

The second, yet as important protective benefit, is effective filtration of Blue Light damage on the retina. The use of TrueBlue eyewear aids in preventing retinal tissue damage by filtering out the harmful portion of the Blue Light spectrum.

Artificial Blue Light – Sleep Protection

The TrueBlue lens has a patented filtration of artificial Blue Light so that it will not suppress Melatonin production and allow for the circadian rhythm and sleep/wake cycle to be more balanced than would be the case if the lenses were not worn.

Protection and Performance Enhancement

Sunlight is the natural source of Blue Light. When the sun is high in the sky, the shorter wavelengths, primarily blue, strike air molecules in the upper atmosphere and scatter around, explaining why the sky looks blue. However this Blue Light causes vision fatigue, affects performance and ultimately damages vision.

TrueBlue outdoor sun lenses offer the highest quality polarized filter with pigment injected into the polycarbonate lens material. Polycarbonate blocks Ultraviolet light and is shatterproof. All of our outdoor lenses adhere to all international standards for outdoor light filtration and physical protection including ANSI, EN/CE, AS-NZS.

In addition to superior filtration, the lenses are scratch resistant and coated with premium reflection and interference coatings, as well as hydro/oleo phobic coatings to repel water, oil and dust.

This unique filtration of the light spectrum reduces vision stress and human performance is improved; because how you see determines how you perform.