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Blue Light Explained

Today we are exposed to ever-increasing levels of harmful Blue Light from both natural and artificial sources. This video briefly explains the negative impact of harmful Blue Light on our eyes, vision, and physiological performance.

The Blue Light Danger

Awareness and understanding of the threat that Blue Light poses. Dr. Tolentino discusses blindness prevention, pioneering the next generation of treatment, external protection from Blue Light based on nature and the importance to your health.

Effects of Blue Light

The effects Blue Light has on Eye Health and Physiology. Blue Light is defined and discussed by Dr. Tolentino. High energy visible light’s role in photo-oxidation. Artificial Blue Light from high definition imaging and energy efficient lighting require effective filtration to protect our eyes and vision.

Blue Light Affects Vision

Eliminating glare by filtering Blue Light. Blue Light causes glare, veiled glare and motion blur. Dr. Tolentino explains the importance of eliminating scattered light for vision enhancement and the benefit of filtration that maintains color balance.