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Our Glasses Reduce Eye Stress from Blue Light
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Blue light is more damaging than UltraViolet light and is generated naturally and artificially.

You are affected
by Blue Light
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Negative consequences of “Blue Light” stress may include:

  • Dry, burning, tired eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Long-term eye damage

You Need To Wear TrueBlue
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TrueBlue lenses feature a unique patented technology based on natures defense from Blue light. Because they contain Melanin and OLPTM the slight tint in our indoor lenses is your assurance that harmful Blue light is being absorbed versus a clear lens that offers little filtration or protection.

The No-Risk Solution to Blue Light Stress
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TrueBlue Vision makes “ready to wear” (lenses in frames) for people who don’t need corrective lenses, to reduce stress, improve performance, protect your vision and your health.

We invite you to browse the options for glasses, specific to your needs.


I have been wearing the indoor TrueBlue lens for just over a month now and they are amazing. I work in an office looking at computers and phone screens all day and my eyes used to get quite sore and tired, especially at the end of the day. I noticed a big difference on the first day I wore these as my eyes were no longer tired at the end of the day.

Megan M.

As a contact wearer my eyes are naturally dry, especially after long days on the computer. I noticed I no longer suffer from dry eyes at the end of the day and I don't suffer from headaches either. I am a huge fan of these glasses and have recommended them to numerous people.

Elise P.

Works great, helps me get a more restful sleep at night. Also makes staring at my monitor easier on my eyes. It takes a few weeks to get used to wearing them but once you do you can't go back. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Pierce Z.