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Is Your Vision
Blurred or Do
You Have Dry Eyes?

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Do you suffer
from poor Sleep?

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Do You Have
Tired Eyes
or Headaches?

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Do You Suffer
from Sun Glare?

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TrueBlue Solutions


This indoor lens reduces “photo-stress” and aids in protecting the retina from artificial Blue Light. It is specifically designed with a slight green/grey tint to provide soothing comfort and exceptional vision protection.


Our outdoor sun lenses offer the highest quality polarized filter with Melanin and Ocular Lens Pigment™ injected into the polycarbonate lens material to protect you from a wider spectrum of harmful light than other sunglasess.


If exposed to artificial Blue Light three hours before the start of the normal sleep cycle, it is beneficial to wear True Blue “MPF” advanced Blue Light filtering glasses to optimize sleep and physiological functions.


I can’t believe the difference these glasses have made for strain reduction on my eyes. The standard reading glasses I used to use left my eyes sore and red after a couple of hours of working on the computer. I now can work  for much longer periods and hardly feel the strain. The sunglasses are also incredible! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t get the opportunity to try them.

Gerry D.

I have been wearing the indoor TrueBlue lens for just over a month now and they are amazing. I work in an office looking at computers and phone screens all day and my eyes used to get quite sore and tired, especially at the end of the day. I noticed a big difference on the first day I wore these as my eyes were no longer tired at the end of the day.

Megan M.

As a contact wearer my eyes are naturally dry, especially after long days on the computer. I noticed I no longer suffer from dry eyes at the end of the day and I don't suffer from headaches either. I am a huge fan of these glasses and have recommended them to numerous people.

Elise P.

Works great, helps me get a more restful sleep at night. Also makes staring at my monitor easier on my eyes. It takes a few weeks to get used to wearing them but once you do you can't go back. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Pierce Z.