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Enhanced vision clarity by filtering Blue light, to reduce glare from electronic screens.

Our lenses contain patented technology. This unique filtration provides the ultimate protection from Blue light’s damaging energy to make viewing light sources less stressful to the eyes.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Toledo they found that exposure to blue light, specifically 445 NM, results in death of light-sensitive cells (Photoreceptors) located inside the eye. Further stating that prolonged and cumulative exposure will result in the loss of eyesight.

Diagram 1 shows the wavelength of blue light emitted from smart phones, computers and LEDs super imposed in comparison with outdoor blue light on an overcast day. Noting that the peak blue light emission is at 450NM.

Diagram 2 shows the average spectrometry from a True Blue lens. TrueBlue depending on the lens function will filter between 50% to 80% of the harmful blue light.

Frame Selection

All products below are frame-only with demo lenses. Our frames are also grouped in three tiers: