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If you have dry, burning, or tired eyes, there is a strong possibility it is related to natural blue light from the sun or artificial blue light from indoor lighting, computers, tablets, smartphones or televisions. Only the patented technology in TrueBlue lenses contain the same two naturally occurring substances to protect your vision as produced by the human body. Formed in TrueBlue lenses, these pigments absorb damaging blue light before it hits the eye. For the best in vision performance choose the Ultimate Eye Protection.

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LED light can damage retinal cells - added perspective.

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Lack of sleep may promote neurodegenerative processes, say Swedish researchers

One night of sleep deprivation can increase the levels of molecules that are biomarkers for brain damage, according to a new study out of Sweden.

The study, conducted by researchers from Uppsala University's Department of Neuroscience and published in the journal Sleep, looked at levels of two types of brain molecules:

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